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If we deliver or install your item, and it fails, we will provide labor pursuant the manufacturers warranty and you won't pay for any covered labor charges!


2009 Starts a great year. Enjoy time with your family.  Not sure what to do?
Rent a hot tub or spa before you decide if owning a hot tub is right.

With our advanced state of the art equipment, we can deliver spas anywhere.


We pride ourselves in being “The Best Hot Tub Service & Spa Repair Company in the Carolinas” When available we offer same or next day Hottub repair service calls. If you are not in Charleston County, we schedule and complete 90% of our non-emergency service calls within 72 hours and typically complete those repairs in one visit.



Our trained spa repair and relocation specialists are certified in all Spa Service Maintenance and Repairs.  My Spa Guys uses the latest equipment to ensure there are no misdiagnosis as well as the most advanced troubleshooting software and procedures. 

Our relocation service crew specializes in moving recreational goods. We move Saunas, Tanning Beds, Pool Tables, Hot Tubs and Spas on a routine basis. Our Installation crew installs Pools, Saunas, Steam Showers, Tanning beds, Custom Spas, Portable Hot Tubs and even Temporary Spas for events."

We have General Service Personnel, Relocation Specialists (movers), Installation Experts and Repair Technicians for the following items: Hot Tubs, Spas, Pool Equipment, Infrared and Traditional Saunas, Steam Showers (even the ones purchased online), custom shower enclosures and even tanning apparatus / tanning beds.

Our licensed plumbers and electricians are available for dispatch 7 days a week. If we don't directly service your area, we have a network of service personnel to assist with any repair.

We fix all Brands!
"Recognized as Consistently dependable in the SouthEast."
What good is a Warranty if they won't return calls? MySpaGuy responds to all emails, Text Messages and phone messages the same day!
Over 20 years experience in Hot Tub, Sauna & Spas

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